The tilt out hamper

Choosing a laundry hamper doesn’t require too much thinking, even though there are people who can decide themselves a little bit more difficult than others. There are hundreds of models which come in different shapes, sizes and colors. It’s simple really, you choose the best one that fits into your house, depending on the space and design.

But what if you want a laundry hamper that nobody else outside the house can see? Have you ever heard of a tilt out hamper? If not, let me explain it to you. The ones I’ve seen come in some kind of cupboard. The appearances will tell you that it is a cupboard, but once you pull the handle, the door will come down at a 45 degrees angle. Inside there is a laundry hamper attached to the cupboard door. There you have it. It’s a simple, yet brilliant design.

The tilt out hamper had become extremely popular, especially for the people whose homes have a big bathroom. The cupboard I am talking about can also be a storage space for bathroom towels and cosmetics, that is why it will occupy more space than a regular laundry hamper.

My favorite aspect of the tilt out hamper is that nobody knows it’s there. People coming over will just think is a nice cupboard. I don’t mean that seeing a laundry hamper is bad or something, but not seeing it is nicer (in my opinion at least).

There are tilt out hampers which have a detachable hamper in order for you to empty it easier. You can’t turn over the whole cupboard now, can you? But a non – detachable hamper is not a deal breaker since you can empty it easily by hand.

I recommend that, if you are buying yourself a tilt out hamper, you make sure that the bathroom is properly ventilated. After all, the cupboard is made of wood and it may expand (swell) or mold. Other than that, this type of laundry hamper is great.

Wicker laundry basket – aesthetic or practical?

Most people don’t think too much when buying a clothes hamper. I mean…it’s a hamper. As long as it does its job it’s just fine. But there are people who value looks above everything else, which makes a simple laundry basket a real issue to think about.

When they look for a more aesthetic hamper, most people choose a wicker laundry basket. If beautifully made, a wicker laundry basket can be really elegant. They come in different colors and sizes, with or without lids or handles. Basically, there are a lot of models to choose from. It’s true that they tend to be a bit more expensive than the regular laundry basket, but if you value your house’s design you must spend some money.

Sometimes, aesthetic prevails. This is the case when you have a more ‘special’ house design. Every square inch of your house is carefully put together with great taste (expensive taste), so you cannot place a cheap laundry basket you bought from the dollar store in your bathroom. That would just be tacky.

I have nothing against the simple, plastic laundry basket, but I would always go for the wicker one. From my point of view is prettier. It give a beautiful facade to dirty clothes and for me is enough.

There is one thing, tough, worth mentioning about the wicker laundry basket. If you buy one make sure that the room in which you place it (most of the times people put it in the bathroom) is properly ventilated. Otherwise it will get ruined. It’s wood after all. The manufacturers say that it is treated against mold and whatnot, but no anti-mold solution will save your wicker laundry basket from a constantly humid environment. So keep this in mind before purchasing one.

If you go for the more practical solution, you can buy the plastic laundry basket. They too can be aesthetic if designed properly. The difference is that with the plastic ones there is a fine line between elegant and kitsch, so be careful what you choose.


Go for a laundry hamper with lid

Laundry hampers are a real ‘must’ in each and every household. Otherwise where would all the dirty clothes go? I don’t know where people would dispose of their clothes before the invention of hampers, but I am thankful that I live in an era in which there is something for everything.

Most common laundry hamper is, of course, the plastic laundry hamper. You can find it in every shape, size and color in any department store you walk in. They were (and still are) a big improvement compared to the textile ones for the simple reason that they are easier to clean. I mean, I put dirty clothes in my hamper, the material from the hamper will get dirty too and then I have to wash it too. It doesn’t make sense to me. It probably didn’t make sense to a lot of people and that is why we now have the plastic laundry hamper. It’s super easy to clean and has holes in it so the clothes won’t get smelly.

Another common hamper is the laundry hamper with lid, which in my opinion is a smart choice. It’s still plastic, thus easy to maintain, but you have to think about the fact that many people put their hamper in the bathroom. God forbid you have guests over and when they use the bathroom they are able to see your dirty underwear on top of all the clothes in the hamper. For this reason alone the laundry hamper with lid is very practical. No to mention that it is more ‘elegant’ this way. Everybody has dirty clothes, but that doesn’t mean they have to see them every time they use the bathroom.

Even if these two are the most common laundry hampers, that doesn’t mean that people don’t have other preferences. There are hundreds of models on the market and you can choose anything that you like or best satisfies your needs.


Laundry sorter hamper = time saved

Around the house everyone wants to be practical. There are some people who choose otherwise, but most people want their lives to be as comfortable as possible, even if that means choosing practical over looks. Some of them try to find the quickest way to do something because they value their time or do not have it.

A good example of such a thing is choosing a laundry sorter hamper over a single, simple one. The most mentioned reason is that it makes is easier on laundry day? How? Very simple. Instead of sorting the clothes on the spot, you just sort them as you go. Whites and colored, cotton or delicate, it doesn’t really matter, the sorting is made beforehand.

A lot of people go for a double hamper just because they want to save some time with the sorting and they seem very satisfied with its practicality.  And who wouldn’t? Owning a laundry sorter hamper would mean that every time you have to do laundry you can skip the sorting and jump right to the washing.

A double hamper can really help you out when you don’t have too much time on your hands. That is, of course, if everyone in your household respects the rule that every clothing item goes where it’s supposed to. But, if you think about it, it’s pretty easy to enforce such a rule and once everyone gets used to it it’s a piece of cake.

I know that some of you may think that a double hamper takes double the space of a single one and that sorting doesn’t really takes so much of your time, but you must acknowledge the fact that to some people, such as working moms, a few minutes count and shouldn’t be wasted on sorting. So, if you want to save a little time or hate sorting clothes, laundry sorter hamper is the right way to go.

The Pop Up Hamper will save you some space

We all know that the house can get really cluttered at some point. You keep buying things and the closets get full real fast. Storage space is becoming some kind of luxury which you can no longer afford. So why invest space in clothes hampers?

My advice is not to. You have enough things that are worthy to claim the space in your house. Fortunately, there were people who thought about this exact problem and fixed it. You can buy a collapsible laundry basket instead of the plastic, sturdy one. They seem to be the best solution to your space issues.

A pop up hamper can be stored in a really small place such as a cupboard, behind the washing machine or wherever. You just expand it when you need to do the laundry, use it and then shrink it back. Simple as that.

I know that every laundry room in any house is not very big. Usually you can fit a washer, a dryer and a couple of shelves which are destined for cleaning products and whatnot. Imagine storing hampers in there too. It would become very crowded. And why not avoid this issue if it’s possible?

The collapsible laundry basket has its advantages space – related, but some people don’t like them because they are not as sturdy as the usual ones. But, if you think about it, you can’t have it all. In this case you must choose, your space or a small nuisance that can easily be avoided with a little bit of effort. I would guess that everyone would choose the space, since it’s much more easier to be careful how you use a pop up hamper than stumbling upon one in places you don’t want to stumble. But then again, everyone does as they wish.

The amazing thing about progress is that you have a lot to choose from. Any issue you may have, it can be ousted with due diligence. You look for the products that best suit you and your problem is gone. Same goes for clothes hampers. You look for the one that best satisfies your needs.


Wheel your way out of heavy lifting with the rolling laundry basket

Everybody has a favorite “anything”. A favorite brand of appliances, a favorite kind of furniture, so why couldn’t there be a favorite kind of laundry hamper? Well, there is, and my personal favorite is the laundry basket on wheels. Let me tell you why.

A house has a lot of rooms, and you can find dirty laundry in almost every one: the kitchen, bathrooms and not to mention bedrooms. The latter is almost always full, at least the floor is. People can be messy, and if you have children…well, you get the point.

But, here comes your little helper: the laundry basket with wheels or the rolling laundry basket. It doesn’t really matter how you want to call it, the most important thing is that it will save you more than one trip to your laundry room.

It’s quite simple actually. Instead of making a few trips, you only need one. You can roll it into every single room in your house. And, my personal favorite thing about the laundry basket on wheels is that I don’t have to carry all the clothes. They may be light individually, but put your clothes together and the ones of your partner, to which you add up the children’s clothes and see if you can carry all of them at one. You can’t. So what do you do? You roll them over the laundry room.

Honestly, as long as I don’t have to make one hundred trips to the laundry room and I don’t have to carry all the clothes, I am happy. Many people agree with me, especially those who have many children. The rolling laundry basket will save you quite some time with the “one trip” feature. Not to mention that your back will be forever grateful for your smart decision to push or pull the laundry basket, instead of carrying it.

I know that there are a lot of hamper models out there, but the one that makes your life a little bit easier is your best friend. So I say go for it! It’s a no – brainer.


Hamper Hoops

hamper-hoopsIf you have children then you know what a fuss they make when they have to clean their rooms. Even though they have no problem making a mess, when it comes to cleaning it up they start to get on your nerves. As a parent you can deal with the toys all over the place, but what happens when their mess becomes your job? It’s your job to do the laundry, but it’s their job to put all dirty clothes in one place. All you should do is pick them up. Of course, this almost never happens and ultimately you see yourself picking them up from all over your child’s room. Fortunately, there is a solution to your problem: Hamper Hoops!

Hamper Hoops is the all-star basketball hamper. This device will make picking up dirty clothes more fun for your child. Basically, Hamper Hoop is a laundry hamper specially designed for children. They can actually play while picking up clothes in their rooms.

The idea is quite simple, but brilliant. A hanging door basketball hoop is combined with a clothes hamper, which makes Hamper Hoop your little helper. Your children have fun and you will be absolved from doing one extra chore. It’s a perfect win – win situation.

How It Works

As it is stated above, Hamper Hoop is extremely easy to use. First you put the hoop on the door. You do not need tools or anything. You follow the instructions on the package. Then all you have to do is attach the clothes hamper to the hoop and the job is done. Your child can play while tidying the room. Either slam it or dunk it, the result is the same. All the dirty clothes will get in one place, ready for you to just pick them all at once.

When the hamper is full you just remove it from the net and go straight to the laundry room with it. It even has a zipper for an easy removal.


  • Simple to use: you don’t need tools and it takes just a second to install it
  • Hours of fun : your child will have a lot of fun using Hamper Hoop and at the same time he will improve his basketball skills
  • Fits on any door: you don’t have to place it on a certain door since its hook is flexible
  • Durable, high quality construction: you don’t have to worry that it will break
  • Removable laundry bag: every time the hamper is full you don’t need to take the hoop down in order to empty the bag.

So far, thousands of customers have been satisfied by the product and claim that Hamper Hoop is a small wonder. It saves them time and their children learn some responsibility in a fun way. In order to convince yourself of the results you are free to read some Hamper Hoops reviews online.

You can buy this magnificent device from the official website. It is the easiest and at the same time the safest. The price is 19.95 USD without shipping and handling. So what are you waiting for? Buy Hamper Hoop and make your life a little bit easier!


Hamper Hoops Reviews

hamper-hoopsMiranda, 32

“I have two boys, twins, and they can be quite something. They are 8 years-old and I decided that it is time to teach them some responsibility. I started with their own room, explained to them that they have to clean it, pick up all of their toys and clothes. They were not happy, that is for sure. They just wouldn’t do it. I tried everything, good cop, bad cop, but to no end. But one day, as I was online, I saw an ad for Hamper Hoops so I decided to give it a go. It changed everything. No more dirty clothes on the floor, bed and chairs. They even have little competitions to see who can score more. They actually have fun. Hamper Hoops has made my life a lot easier. Now, every time I do the laundry I just have to empty the bag. I recommend Hamper Hoops to all moms.”

Tom, 34

“I am a single dad, so you can say a have some difficulties in keeping my home clean at all times. Between my daughter and my job there is no much time to invest in cleaning. My daughter is 7 years-old and I thought that is time for her to learn how to tidy her own room. She did at first, but then she got bored. What’s worse is that every time I had to do the laundry I had to first pick them up from her room as she never has. Luckily, one day, one of the moms at school told me about Hamper Hoops. It was a game changer. At first I played with her, just to show her how fun picking up dirty clothes can be. Ever since she does that on her own. And she is getting better and better at it. Hamper Hoops is genius. You wouldn’t think that such a simple idea can save you a lot of trouble. I tell every parent about it.”

Kate, 28

“Hamper Hoops has made my life a lot easier. Before, my 7 years-old son would not pick up his dirty clothes no matter what. I tried everything. I even told him that I would cut off a day when he was grounded, but for nothing. He preferred one more day grounded than doing his chores. That’s how much he hated it. Lucky for me, he is into sports. The moment I found out about Hamper Hoops I bought it immediately. I installed it and guess what? My son is now enjoying picking up his dirty clothes off the floor. I even hear him playing in his room. I recommend it to everyone. It’s absolutely brilliant.”

Brooke, 30

“I thought that having a girl is much easier than having a boy. Girls are more tidy usually. At least that is what I used to think. My girl is more of a tomboy. She is sporty, likes to dress like a boy and is as untidy. I always had to pick up stuff she left everywhere. It was harder when I had to do the laundry because I had to stop everything and pick her clothes from her room’s floor first. This was until I bought Hamper Hoops. I don’t have this problem anymore. Being sporty, she likes basketball, so Hamper Hoops fits her as a glove. I am forever grateful to those who invented it. They made my life easier indeed.”